Talking science

I’m doing some more science outreach tomorrow, at the Earley Environmental Group, which is partly run by a friend of mine. Pitching the talk has been interesting, as they have a wide range of scientific literacy in the members, but I’ve ended up with a ramble through Mauritius and it’s wildlife, and more detail about my analyses. I’m really looking forwards to it- I haven’t done a talk like that before; they want me to talk for about 30 minutes, so I’ve been able to include a lot more detail on topics that I can’t use for shorter talks.

It’s also so fun to illustrate talks with my own photos, since I’ve been there myself now, and as I’m not presenting my science for assessment I can include photos just because I love them, like this one of sunset over Mauritius, taken on my phone from the jetty on Ile Aux Aigrettes.

I’ll report back after the talk.

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